Annet Bruil

Skills Overview

I'm a social designer. I love working on projects to bring about social change, using the design process to humanise complexity, creating public value through design thinking. I use human-centred design tools, research methods, behaviour change principles and strategies to help tackle complex systemic challenges through a design-led approach. 

Want to know how I work? What makes me unique as a designer? Scroll down to see an overview of my design skill set. 

Mental shortcut cards

Behavior Change

My goal is to design for betterment of people and communities. This involves changing people’s habits. Read more about how I incorporate behavior change into design.

Desk Research outcome

Desk Research

Many projects start by desk research, to learn and to discover what needs to be researched further. Read more to discover how I make desk research tangible.

Design Research in action

Design Research

To unpack experiences ethnographic research is key. Read more to find out how I go beyond  diary studies and observation.

guerrilla research on the street

Guerrilla Research

Sometimes project planning doesn’t allow much research time. Continue to learn how I research more ad-hoc.



Research becomes valuable when analysed properly. Read more to discover what I do to keep the human factor in during analysis.

Journey mapping

Journey Mapping

When designing experiences a journey map is an insightful tool to discover where design can add value. Continue to find out how to show experience beyond process.

generating opportunity areas


Ideation! An exciting phase of a project. Read more to discover what inspires me during ideation.

Stakeholder session


As a designer, you are often not the subject expert. Therefore, it is valuable to bring in those who are and to co-create.


Prototyping & Testing

Ideas are nice but they are just ideas. The first step to make them come alive is to test if they have the basics to survive. Read more to find out how I put my ideas to the test.


Design Doing

The devil is in the details! After design thinking comes actual design doing. Continue to find out which of my designs won an award.


High-Fidelity Prototyping

Not always do users know they are testing a high-fidelity prototype. Click ‘Read more’ do learn about my experience with high fidelity prototype testing.

Annet at the ETE factory


The concept of the design can easily get lost when transferring the design to production. Continue to find out why I ended up with a huge portion control plate with it’s image and text mirrored.

Rabbit Ray usability testing

Usability Testing

I have many more stories about successful usability testing. However, I would like to share about one time when we forgot to test the complete picture. Read on and find out!

ETE Plate @KK Hospital

Impact Testing

Organisations and business will want to know their return on investment when investing in design projects. Read more to find out how I quantify the impact of design.