Hi, I'm Annet

I design products & services that create positive impact on individuals and communities to become healthier, safer, stronger, better. 

My focus lies on defining ‘the right design’ during the fuzzy font end. When it is known what to design, my focus shifts to ‘design it right’ to create a rich user experience. 

I love that my role as a designer allows me to be curious every day and I relish the chance to immerse myself in new topics as well as to empathize with the people I design for.

I have designed for caregivers, at risk youth, coffee lovers and Indian mums. Lived in Netherlands, Singapore and one 1 summer in Hungary. Explored markets in Australia and India. Won basketball ánd design trophies. Tried to design concrete jewellery but decided to focus on designing for doing good instead (besides that, my twin has much better jewellery design skills).

I believe that design has the power to shape behavior and believe that as a designer you have to use it for doing good.